Improv ABC: Shuttle Edition (Physical + Digital Format)

Ben Noble

Straight-Forward, Simple, Actionable Improv Advice that You Can Put Into Practice At Your Show Tonight

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“Ben Noble has done it! This book is almost as fun as improvising. He has compiled all the schools of improv under one roof and made it so practical and easy to follow, you’re having such a good time that you forget that you are actually reading.” -Jimmy Carrane, Host of the Improv Nerd Podcast

At a lazy Sunday brunch, we have all the time in the world to talk shop about the age old iO vs UCB “game of the scene” debate. But when your show starts at 8:00 PM, there’s no time for discussion. You just need someone to tell you how the heck to find and play the game so you can make the audience laugh.

This book is for improvisers who want a swift kick in the butt. It’s for those of you who crave simple and straightforward tips and tricks about improv’s most important concepts. It's the book I wish I had been able to read when I was coming up as an improviser, and it's loaded with advice that has helped my own improv students dramatically improve over the past 2 years.

"I wish there was a book like this when I was starting out in Improv. This book is fun to read and filled with quotes from some of the best names in improv today. Learn!" - Bill Chott, Actor & Improv Instructor
"Improv ABC is a great resource for students and coaches alike. You can read it cover to cover, flip to your favorite chapter for inspiration, or use the handy bullet points as a checklist for your own exploration." - Katie Nunn, Improv Shop Instructor
Whether you're a seasoned improviser, or a baby learning the alphabet, there's a lot to take away from Ben Noble's book." - People and Chairs Improv

Inside you’ll find:

  • C is for CHARACTER, with three easy ways to walk on stage and not be yourself (again).
  • M is for MONOLOGUE, with a step-by-step guide to delivering the perfect monologue.
  • D is for DIRECTOR, with advice about becoming a coach or teacher and sharing your passion with up and coming improvisers.
  • Of course, G is for GAME, so we can finally stop arguing about iO vs UCB and just make people laugh.
  • And 22 other letters jam-packed with practical, no-nonsense advice.

From beginners to veteran performers, the best improvisers never stop learning. This book will bring you back to the fundamentals, improve your play, and enable you to have more fun on stage. It’s broken up into convenient, easily-readable sections full of fun but informative illustrations, so you can quickly brush up on all things improv – from getting the most out of the suggestion to having a better relationship with your teammates.

What You'll Get

  • Improv ABC as a softcover book to carry around in your backpack, display on your shelf, or use a heavy object with which to kill flies in your kitchen
  • Improv ABC in PDF and E-Reader format for your downloading, on-the-go pleasure
  • 1 Small I'm Making All This Up sticker to make your notebook look sexier
  • The Quick Reference Guide, which has nifty summaries of all 26 letters for...well...quick reference.

  • For more goodies and bonuses, check out the Complete Space Station Edition.

This Is A Limited Time Offer

The physical version of Improv ABC is under a limited print run and will only be available during this pre-order period and at a few release events in September. Don't miss out! Get your copy today.

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  • You'll get IMPROV ABC as a softcover book + digtally in PDF format + 1 small I'm Making All This Up sticker + The Quick Reference Guide

  • You'll get IMPROV ABC as a softcover book + digtally in PDF format + 1 small I'm Making All This Up sticker + The Quick Reference Guide
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Improv ABC: Shuttle Edition (Physical + Digital Format)

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